About Us

Mind Alchemy is both founded and managed by Nirrie Gopie with the support of a team of collaborators. She has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and worked in a structured clinical environment for a number of years until Mind Alchemy came into existence. Mind Alchemy provided her the platform to pursue her desire for change and excellence. True to its name, Mind Alchemy looks beyond the obvious for reasons why things don’t work as they should.

Like the smelting of gold, Mind Alchemy brings a fresh and new perspective as to why something is not working. In keeping with who she is, Nirrie studies Quantum Physics in her spare time and challenges her awareness and mindfulness, by daily meditative practices. She also pursues new experiences through travel and takes pleasure in nature and animals.

Inspired & Satisfied

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Being satisfied is worth the smelting process no matter how uncomfortable it is. Life can be difficult but nothing can be more exciting and profound than transformation that brings a more satisfying life. We want to inspire and support you to transform, perform and meet your own expectations. It all begins with a conversation.