We understand that
executives have unique
challenges which
require psychological...
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Mental Fitness
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Psychotherapy Alchemy through Psychotherapy has been created for those who want to go beyond Coaching and Mental Fitness Training Read more

Transform & Perform

Mind Alchemy Consulting provides psychologically based solution focused coaching and training for companies and individuals who want to transform and perform at higher levels. We offer executive coaching, mental fitness training, and alchemy through psychotherapy for those individuals who want to go to even higher levels.

Companies and individuals alike confront challenges such as overload, stagnation, worry, missed goals, underperformance, lack of motivation, work-life imbalance, and unforeseen circumstances. Situations like these can feel like a “pressure cooker”. Through an alchemising process of perceiving root causes, supported transformation, and performance challenging, we help you meet your expectations and goals.

New perspectives and tools for a strategic impact.

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Mental fitnes is defined as a state of well being.

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For those who want to go beyond Coaching and Mental Fitness Training.

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It is our goal to inspire you to transform, perform and meet your expectations. If you would like to create a memorial experience with indisputable results, it begins with a conversation.